Furnace Stopped Working?

With this cold weather out there, having a working furnace is imperative.  It could sure be a chilly problem if  it stopped working.  Before calling professionals, like Flame-check some of these things out on your own first:

  • Reset the Furnace (the re-set switch looks like a light switch on your furnace, turn it “off” for about 20 seconds and then back on)
  • Check your electrical panel for blown fuses

These are simple things, but just a small problem like a blown fuse or switch flipped the wrong way could turn your home into the Ice Hotel.  If after checking the reset switch and the breakers, your furnace still does not work-call Flame.  (also, even if it does turn back on after re-setting the reset switch, you should still call Flame to see if there is a larger problem of the furnace shutting off to begin with).

Any Questions?  Contact Flame and Stay Warm!

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