Garbage Disposal Tips and Tricks

Garbage disposals are a great feature in our kitchens, and it is important to treat them properly in order to help them keep working consistently.  Here are a few garbage disposal tips and tricks:

Always, always, always run the garbage disposal with the water on.

This is important for the for the bearings of the mechanism.

Run the garbage disposal for about 5 seconds after all of the food has gone down it.

This ensures that any and all food particles are broken up and disposed of.  Otherwise, they can build up and create a smelly odor.

Use citrus to help with the smell

If the garbage disposal does start to have a smell, you can fix it with a lemon or an orange.  Simply cut it up into slices and place it down the disposal.  It will give the disposal a nice clean citrusy scent.

For more information about keeping your garbage disposal in working order, contact Flame!

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