Have Fun and Be Green on Labor Day

What are you doing for Labor Day Weekend?  Going to a cottage, catching some last few sun rays at the pool, relaxing at home?  Even though it is a holiday, you shouldn’t forget to be environmentally friendly and save energy (for some reason, not everything takes days off!)  Check out some of these ideas to make sure that your weekend is a great, green one.

Labor Day BBQ

Having a barbecue?  Great idea!  I love crispy hot dogs and juicy hamburgs.  Pair that with some corn on the cob or some watermelon and mmm.  You may not have known this, but there are even some green ways to barbecue.  First, using natural gas is the most environmentally friendly way, even more so than electricity and you are not racking up your electric bill!  Unfortunately the way that charcoals burn release particles and soot in the air, making it unclean.  So if you are going to barbecue, use natural gas! (info found at http://www.grist.org/article/greenguide-grilling )

Going to a Cottage

Getting away for a weekend is always great, its like having a mini vacation without all of the hassle.  This may be an obvious tip, but carpool!  Most people dislike paying gas prices, and if  you have a couple of friends or family members going, try to squeeze in as much as possible (you wanted to hang out with them this weekend anyway, right?) and save some gas, money and pollutants from going in the air.  Also, if you are leaving your home, turn up or off the air conditioning.  If you are not home, there’s no need to have the air conditioner going full blast, so turn up the temperature or turn it off!  The same could go for pool heaters, unless you have some neighbors that have been eyeing your oasis, you do not need to try to heat it.

Just relaxin’…

Even if you don’t have big plans, there is no problem with that.  You can still be green an energy efficient!  If it’s hot out and you have your air conditioner running, make sure to keep doors and windows closed as much as possible to keep the delicious cool air inside.  Remember to turn off lights when you leave a room, the days are getting shorter :(.  Also, keep blinds closed to make the room a little cooler, go on walks or bike rides instead of drive, and remember to recycle!

Have a fun and safe holiday!  Any questions, contact Flame!

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