Health Benefits of Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning has become so common today that it is hard to imagine life without it.  You enjoy the cool temperatures and relief it provides in when it is hot out, but you may have not realized that air conditioning can actually benefit your health.

Turning the air conditioning on at night can help prevent sleep deprivation.  As we all know, trying to sleep when you are boiling hot is difficult and nothing seems to do the trick.  In hot temperatures you tend to have a hard time falling asleep and you toss and turn all night.  Many sleepless nights in a row can deteriorate your health.

Air Conditioning can also help those are afflicted with asthma.  The air conditioning is especially useful if turned on when there is a high pollen count (midday) or any type of pollution warnings.

Being outside in the sun when temperatures are high can be dangerous.  For example on the opening day of the 2008 Ann Arbor Art Fair, 40 people were sent to the University of Michigan Hospital because of heat-related illnesses. Heat exhaustion or sun burn can develop as well as heat stroke-which is considered to be an emergency condition.  Going inside to an air conditioned place from time to time if possible can help prevent this.

So when you are basking in the cool breeze that your air conditioner provides, remember that it is not only comforting you but also benefiting your health.

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