How Does My Roof Affect My Home’s Temperature?

How Does My Roof Affect My Home's Temperature?Do you remember that song about bones?  “The toe bone connected to the foot bone…” etc…?  It is incredible when you realize how each of the systems in the human body connect with each other and work together.  In many ways, the same type of relationships occur in our homes as well.  The electrical system and plumbing system often need to work together with the dishwasher, while plumbing needs the help of gas in order to provide you with a warm shower.

Even the outside structural elements of your home can have impacts on other areas.  For example, older leaky windows can cause your furnace or air conditioner to need to work harder.  This is why it should come as no surprise that the roof over your heads can have a direct impact on your home’s temperature and the well being of your furnace and air conditioner.

How Does My Roof Affect My Home’s Temperature?

It’s no secret that lighter colors reflect the sun’s rays and the heat from them while darker colors absorb the heat.  Ever sat in a car with black leather seats on a sunny day in July?  Ouch!  Things are no different with your roof.  A darker colored roof will absorb the heat from the sun, while a lighter colored roof will reflect it.

During the warm summer months, having a dark asphalt room can really strain your cooling system, but a dark roof can aid your heating system in keeping you warm and toasty come wintertime.

What Kind of Roof Should I Choose?

A new energy efficient trend is to invest in a “Cool Roof.”  These roofs use color and various technologies to lessen the impact of the sun’s rays on heating up your home.  This can be a great help to your air conditioning system during warm summer months.

That said, in Michigan we also have plenty of cold months where a little extra help in the heat department is appreciated by you and by your furnace.  Darker asphalt roofs also have a tendency to help the ice and snow on your roof melt more quickly.

If you are building a home or need to replace your roof, it is a good idea to work with a contractor that you can trust in order to determine what will be the best for you and your home.  Don’t forget to consider the other aspects of your home such as age, windows, insulation level, and heating and cooling system that impact the home’s energy efficiency.

I Don’t Need a New Roof, But I Still Want to Save Money

No worries!  One of the easiest ways to lessen the effects that the sun has on your roof and home is by adding insulation from inside.  Insulation  is a great way to save energy because it actually helps your home in the summer and the winter months.  A well insulated home will keep the heated or cooled air inside and the outside air outside.

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