How to Save Energy!

Energy energy everywhere?  Maybe not as of recently…but there are some way to save energy!  Here are some tips from DTE:

  • Purchase a Programmable Thermostat-this thermostat will automatically turn down the heat in your home when you do not need it (for example-during the day when everyone in the house is at work or school).
  • Make sure your furnace is sized correctly- If the furnace is too small, it will not heat your home that well therefore you may turn it up really high & if it is too big-you may be spending more money buying and using it than necessary
  • High Efficiency Furnaces-Though high efficiency furnaces are more expensive to purchase than others, they will end up saving you both money and energy in the long run!
  • Turn down your thermostat-If you do not want to purchase a programmable thermostat, just turning down the temperature will also be effective.  According to DTE-every degree below 72 degrees brings down your heating bill by 3%!
  • Make sure vents are not blocked-though your heating vents may clash with your decor, it is important to keep them clear and uncovered.  Otherwise the heat will not be able to flow as easily throughout your home which will make your furnace have to work even harder!

Check out DTE’s website for more tips!

Contact Flame with any questions!  They will be able to help you out with many of these ideas and items such as programmable thermostats and high efficiency furnaces!

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