Keeping Your Air Clean This Fall

When the seasons change it is natural to start thinking about a fresh start.  As the leaves start to turn we may be thinking about how we can make some healthier changes in our lives.  An easy change to make is to make sure that we are breathing clean air inside our homes.

Indoor air is typically filled with particles that can contaminate your air, but furnace filters trap those particles and therefore clean up your air.  There are a variety of levels of filters.  Some are able to to trap smaller particles thereby making the air cleaner.  Depending on your family’s needs, you can decide which type of filter is best for you.

No matter which type of filter you choose, at some point the filter will become clogged.  A clogged filter can no longer effectively clean you air, and it also causes your furnace to run less efficiently.  That is why it is important to either change or clean your filter every 3 months.  Whether you replace the filter or clean it will depend on the type of filter you have.

This fall, remember your furnace filters in order to breathe easy.  For more information about the different types of filters or how to maintain them, contact Flame!


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