No More Worries with the No Surprise Plan

At Flame we are all about peace of mind.  We know that keeping your home and family safe and comfortable is a lot of work, and we strive to make that easier for you.  Well, we are at it again.  This time we have come up with a way to make your home’s heating and cooling system worry free.  We have the No Surprise Plan.

As its name suggests, the No Surprise Plan means that if you purchase a new heating or cooling unit, as well as the plan, you will never pay for repairs for as long as you live in your home.  No more stress about unforeseen problems.  No more struggling to figure out where the money for the furnace repair is going to come from.

This new plan works for as long as you keep with it, and as long as you live in your current home.  When you move, unfortunately, the plan is no longer in effect.  This is something to consider when wondering if the No Surprise Plan is right for you.  If you have plans to move in the near future, you may want to wait until after your move to invest in the plan.

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