Protect Your Home from Power Surges

Do you like thunderstorms?  It seems like some people love when the sky darkens and the lightning strikes, while others can’t stand it.  Whether you like thunderstorms or not, the fact remains that they can do a whole lot of damage.  From falling tree limbs to flipped backyard furniture, one of the worst consequences of a thunderstorm is a power outage and a subsequent power surge.  When power is restored after it has been out, a power surge, or rush of power, can cause major harm to electronics or appliances that need the electricity.  That extra electricity can fry these devices.

Since this can be inconvenient and costly, here are a few ways to prevent this from happening:

Unplug electronics

When the power goes out, if possible, unplug your electronics or appliances, such as a television or computer, that could be affected by a power surge.  Then, wait until after the power comes back on to re-plug them in.  That way they will not get ‘zapped’ by a potential power surge.

Use Surge Protectors

Sometimes due to the way your home is wired or the location of outlets it is not possible to unplug all of your electronic devices.  Therefore, you could use surge protectors to plug your devices into.  Surge protectors look like regular power strips and they will allow you to plug many devices into them, but they will also protect the devices plugged into them from power surges.    Surge protectors can be found at a local hardware store, and are usually a bit more expensive than regular power strips.  They may also be called surge suppressors. (Power Strip vs. Surge Protector, Emerson Technologies).

Install a Whole House Surge Suppressor

If you have too many electrical devices spread out all over your house, and you cannot conveniently use surge protectors, the next option is to install a whole house surge suppressor.  These look like boxes that are attached to your electrical panel.  Like, smaller surge protectors, the whole house surge suppressor will “suck up” any extra voltage that comes to your home from the outside via power surge.  That way none of that extra power makes it to any of your devices.  These can be used in conjunction with the above tips for further protection.

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