Five Reasons to Schedule a Plumbing Inspection with a Licensed Plumber

If water comes out of your sink, the toilet flushes, and the shower works, you may think everything is just fine.  Why bother get a plumbing inspection done on your home?  Well, here are five reasons to have a licensed plumber inspect your sinks, pipes, drains, showers, toilets, etc…

  1. It can save you money.  Anybody who has ever had plumbing problems knows that they can be expensive to fix, especially if the problems end up causing a lot of water damage.  Think of a leak in an upstairs bathroom and that water coming through the floor to your first floor.  That’s a big problem.
  2. Plumbing problems are messy and smelly. Let’s face it, plumbing problems involve water and whatever else goes down the sink, shower, or toilet drain.  This means plumbing problems are MESSY.  A plumbing inspection will help to prevent those stinky issues.
  3. Efficiency. A plumbing inspection makes sure that your plumbing system is running as efficiently as possible.  Saving water and money? Check!
  4. Ideas for an even better system. A certified plumber will be the one inspecting your plumbing, and he or she can make suggestions for improvements and services such as drain cleaning and leak sealing to bring your system to the next level.
  5. $49. Yep.  Right now, a Flame Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, and Electrical plumbing inspection will only cost you $49.  If the previous reasons didn’t sell you, this deal should.  Only $49 for the peace of mind that you are not unnecessarily wasting money due to leaks and inefficiencies.  Only $49 to help prevent major plumbing problems.

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