How to Save Money with a Generator

We all know the saying: you have to spend money to make money, right?  Well sometimes, that saying can be changed to: you have to spend money to save money. Many of us do that all the time.  For example, we buy memberships to stores, such as Costco, that offer items at discount prices.  Investing in a generator is another way to be saving money.

A power outage can be inconvenient, unsafe, and expensive.  An automatic stand by generator means you do not have to deal with the inconveniences of losing power.  With hot temperatures and thunderstorms on the horizon in metro Detroit, we gathered up some approximate information about how much money can be lost during a power outage:

  • Food (estimated loss: $500-$800). This number depends on how well stocked your refrigerator or freezer are.  But, on a 90 day degree day, the food will spoil fairly quickly no matter how hard you try to keep the fridge closed and the cool air in.
  • Computer (estimated loss: around $1,000). Many of us have our documents and photos backed up on to a hard drive or in the ‘Cloud,’ so losing those isn’t as much of a threat as it once was.  However, depending when the outage happens any unsaved data can easily be lost.  Plus, power surges can occur when the power comes back on and these can fry out your computer.
  • Flooding (estimated loss: $500- $3,000 and memories) Sump pumps rely on power to run.  If the power outage happens because of a big storm, then you could be in a big trouble if you do not have a back up.  A basement flood can ruin appliances, pictures, furnitures, electronics and they can be very expensive to clean up.
  • Misc… batteries, candles (estimated loss: $30) Without power you will be using lots of flashlights and candles!

Total Loss:  $4,830

This number can vary depending on your home, the extent of any damage, and how long the power outage lasts.  But, we can all agree that not losing power is a way to save this money.  An automatic generator will turn on as soon it sense a power outage, which is almost immediate.

When the temperatures are in the 90s, what is even more important than saving money is staying safe.  Elderly people and young children are more likely to be impacted by heat related illnesses (CDC).  An automatic generator ensures that your home will remain cool and will help your family to avoid a heat related illness.

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