Save Money this Labor Day Weekend

Though fall might not officially begin until September 23rd, for many of us, Labor Day Weekend marks the unofficial end of summer time.  It is great weekend to soak up the last of the sunshine and spend time with family and friends.  This year in Detroit, it is also going to be a hot one!  While you are enjoying the weekend, here are some ways to make sure you can be efficient about it.  Have fun and not break the bank.


Grilling is a summer staple so it only makes sense to pull the grill back out on this last summer weekend.  Eating juicy hamburgers and hot dogs isn’t the only reason to grill this Labor Day Weekend, however.  By cooking outside, you will not be unnecessarily heating up the inside of your home, which means it will stay cooler with less work from the air conditioner.

Be Mindful of the Lights

With longer days and bright sunshine, it is not as necessary to have as many household lights on.  Take advantage of the natural light this weekend, before things start getting dark earlier this fall, and   use less electricity.  Also, as always, be sure to always turn lights off when leaving a room.

Watch Out for the Door

When the air conditioner is running it is best to keep all windows and doors closed in order to keep that cool conditioned air inside the home.  Sometimes when we have parties or guests over, it can be hard to manage that.  Therefore, keep an eye on doors and windows to make sure that they are shut.  You can also try directing guests to only stay either inside or outside by placing all the food in one area.  Another idea is to put a sign on doors reminding guests (nicely) to close it behind them.

Get Wet!

Whether you have a pool, live near a lake, or just have a sprinkler in the backyard enjoy all that summer has to offer by cooling down with water.

For more information on making sure your home is as energy efficient as possible, contact Flame!  We wish you a happy, healthy, and safe Labor Day Weekend!

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