3 Ways to Stay Cool in Metro Detroit

It has been HOT here in Metro-Detroit, and many of us have spent the days wondering how we can keep cool.  When temperatures are in the 90s, it is hard to imagine spending long days in the sun.  Since at Flame we aim to keep you and your family comfortable, here are some ways to beat the heat in Metro-Detroit this summer.

Detroit Museums

Heading to an air conditioned building is always a sure fire way to keep cool in the summer. Check out some of the awesome museums that Detroit has to offer:

Detroit Institute of Arts

Detroit Historical Museum

Michigan Science Center

Lake St. Clair

Sometimes the best thing to do on a hot day is just jump in the lake!  Whether you have or know someone with a boat, or you are headed up to Lake St. Clair Metropark, the lake is a great place to cool down.

Water Parks

Sure, you can just go to a regular pool to cool off, but you can also take it up a notch and head to a water park.  There are some that are further away such as Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, but there are also options available closer by, such as the Troy Family Aquatic Center.  For a more complete list, check out this article from MetroParent Daily, “Outdoor and Indoor Water Parks in Michigan.”

All of these activities are great ways to have fun with the family while still staying cool.  However, when the temperatures are really hot, the place that you want to be the most comfortable is home.  If your air conditioner stops working, or if you would like more information on their residential cooling services feel free to contact Flame.


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