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Are you one of those people who gets excited when they start seeing stores pull out Christmas decorations or do you get angry by the fact that the leaves haven’t even begun to change and we see a jolly Santa Clause from a store display?  I often hear grumbling about how Christmas decorations and presents

Santa Claus Is Thinking About a New Furnace


seem to come out earlier and earlier each year.  Perhaps they are coming out too early and perhaps as a society we have a tendency to rush things.  Though I tend to agree that Christmas trees should stay out of the home until after Thanksgiving, I do think that there are some things that should be thought about ahead of time.  For example, a furnace.  If it is time to invest in a new furnace, begin the search now while you can take your time.  Don’t wait until you need one.  Take the time and begin considering the following things when looking for a furnace.  That way, you know you have the right furnace for you when it gets cold out!

1. Energy efficiency-today energy is a hot topic  and another way to save money and conserve energy, other than riding your bicycle, is to purchase an energy efficient furnace.  Mostly likely, whatever unit you choose will naturally be more efficient than your old one, but there is still a wide variety of efficiency levels to choose from.  A highly efficient unit will not only help out the environment, but also your wallet.  All of the energy savings mean lower utility bills.

2. Sizing- a furnace that is improperly sized will not work as well.  A too large furnace could end up costing you more money than you need to spend and a furnace that is too small would not heat your home properly. Brr!

3. Air quality/health-when choosing a furnace think about looking into a system with air purifiers or high quality filters to help keep your household air clean and possibly reduce allergy symptoms.

4. Contractor/Technicians- A trustworthy HVAC contractor can help pick the right furnace for you.  They will help correctly size it and look out for the qualities you want such as air purification and energy efficiency.

Furthermore, look for a business with NATE certified technicians because this ensures they are knowledgeable and experienced in this field. So though it may seem too early to start following these steps, in actuality it isn’t.  For more information, contact Flame!


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