Vacation Time? Follow these Steps to Save Money at Home while you're away!

Is is time for you to go on vacation now that the whirlwind of the holidays has ended?  If you are going on a trip or thinking about it, here are some things to consider about your home that can help you save money.

  • Turn down the heat!  If you are not in your home, it is not necessary for it to be heated, right?  Also-hopefully you are some place much warmer than Michigan and heat from a furnace is the last thing on your mind.  Be careful though, you do not want to lower the temperature of your home too much-keep it above 55 degrees to prevent pipes from freezing.
  • Lower the temperature of your water heater (you should be swimming in 80 degree pools or oceans…you do not need it and you do not need to pay a heating bill when you weren’t even home to use it!)
  • Make sure all your chimney flues are shut!  If you live an older house you may have chimneys all over the place-so be sure to check each and every one to save money and energy.
  • If you are planning an extended vacation-ask a neighbor, family member or friend to stop by every once in a while just to make sure the furnace is running so the pipes do not freeze.

All these tips can help you save some money and energy while you are having a great time on vacation!  Contact Flame for more information!

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