Watch Where You Shovel the Snow!

It may not officially be winter yet, but we have definitely seen our fair share of snow here in Michigan.  Whether you love it, or hate it, snow is a part of life in Metro Detroit and we have to learn to deal with it.  When shoveling or snow blowing this winter, keep in mind your PVC exhaust pipe if you have a 90% efficiency furnace or higher.  Unlike lower efficiency furnaces that exhaust through the chimney, these furnaces exhaust from the side of the house and snow can easily clog these pipes.

When the pipes are clogged, your furnace can malfunction.  Not something you want on a cold, snowy day.  Therefore, after a snow fall, check to make sure these pipes are clear.  Also, anytime you shovel or snow blow, take a moment to make sure you didn’t actually block these pipes with snow.  If your furnace does stop working this winter, check out the PVC exhaust pipe first to make sure that it isn’t just snow!

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