Water Heater Tips from the Department of Energy

Did you know that after heating and cooling, the water heater is the biggest expense regarding energy in our homes?  That’s right, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, the heating water accounts for about 18% of our utility bills.  18% can be a pretty large expense, especially after worrying about heating and cooling as well.

In order to help with his, the Department of Energy offers the following tips to help us save on heating our water:

  • “Install aerating, low-flow faucets and showerheads.
  • Repair leaky faucets promptly; a leaky faucet wastes gallons of water in a short period of time.
  • Set the thermostat on your water heater to 120°F to get comfortable hot water for most uses.
  • Insulate your electric hot-water storage tank but be careful not to cover the thermostat. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Insulate your natural gas or oil hot-water storage tank but be careful not to cover the water heater’s top, bottom, thermostat, or burner compartment. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations; when in doubt, get professional help.
  • Insulate the first 6 feet of the hot and cold water pipes connected to the water heater.”

To find out more tips from the Department of Energy, check out the full article here.  For more information about insulation, or flow-flow faucets please contact Flame!

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