Ways to Have a Green Halloween

The official colors of Halloween might be black and orange, but today we are going to talk about going a little green this Halloween season.  Like many holidays, Halloween can get pricey between purchasing costumes, buying candy and decorating your home, but there are ways to keep it a little bit more energy efficient.


When it comes to Halloween decorations, lighting is very important.  Many times ‘trick or treaters’ will not ring a doorbell unless their home is lit up and decorated.  Unfortunately, lighting the home can seriously raise the electric bill.  This year, try using LED lights or even solar lights.  Click here for some creative solar light ideas.  Another option would be to use candles.  However, be careful where there are placed because you will have a lot of children around your home on Halloween and you want to make safety a priority.


Typically a big way to conserve energy when the heat is running is to keep doors and windows closed.  The problem is that on Halloween night your door will be constantly opening and closing.  Therefore, in order to save energy, turn your thermostat down a little bit.  That way, the air that escapes won’t be very warm, and you will be saving money just by having your thermostat set a lower temperature.  Embrace the chill and use that as an opportunity to add some layers with a fun costume!


How else can you save money this Halloween?  Instead of going to the typical Halloween costume stores, check out thrift shops.  There are clever ways to make your own costume without needing a lot of talent or breaking the bank.  For example, cut some holes in a laundry basket, fill it with clothes, and you are dirty laundry!

Also, save your Halloween decorations from year to year.  Halloween is the one time that old and ratty items can add to the effect!

For more information on ways to make your Halloween a green one, contact Flame!  Also, check out these sites where some of the info was obtained from:  Green Halloween and How to Go Green:  Halloween

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