Will I Lose My Heat if the Power Goes Out?

This is a big, important question especially in light of the weather this 2014 winter season.  The answer to whether or not you will lose heat if the power goes out is-it depends.

It all depends on what type of heating system you have in your home.  Here is a brief breakdown:

Forced Air Heating (YES)-Forced air heating is the typical heating system with ductwork and a furnace that most homes have.  This type of heating system needs electricity to operate meaning that if you have a power outage, you will also lose your heat.

Gravity Heat (NO)-Gravity heat is no longer common, and it is generally only found in older homes.  With this type of heating system there is a furnace located in the basement and it counts on gravity to make the heat rise and warm the home.  Gravity heat is only hooked up to gas, not electric, so you will not lose heat if your power goes out.

Steam Heat (NO)-Like gravity heating, steam heat also just uses gas to heat the home.  If you have a steam heat system and the power goes out, you are safe.

Though many of us have forced air furnaces, and therefore need to be extra prepared for winter power outages, the good news is that in many cases the hot water heater will remain in operation.  The exception to this is if you have a high efficiency water heater that needs electricity to operate.

So, does the heat go out with power? Maybe yes, maybe no.  For more information about your home’s heating system, please contact Flame!

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