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5 Things to Do When Making the Switch from Cooling to Heating

Fall is a time of change, and not just the colors of the leaves.  In your own home, you will see a change- no longer will you want the coolness from the air conditioner, you will long for the toasty warmth of the furnace.  Here are 5 things to do when making the switch from cooling to heating this fall.

1. Schedule a furnace inspection-In a perfect world this should be the first thing you do when thinking about making the switch from cooling to heating.  Scheduling an inspection ahead of time ensures that your furnace will be ready to go when cold weather strikes.  However, you do NOT need to wait for a furnace inspection in order to turn on the heat.  The inspection can still take place, and is still worthwhile, even after the furnace has been running for a bit.

2. Change the furnace filter-The furnace filter should be changed or cleaned every 3 months.  When it gets clogged, your furnace will not run as efficiently.  Most furnaces and air conditioners share a filter, so it is still important to change it now even if you haven’t run your furnace all summer.

3. Clean and turn the humidifier on-If you have a whole home humidifier, it can be turned on through the HUMIDISTAT, which is either located on the ductwork or as part of your thermostat.  You can either have a professional come and clean out your humidifier, or you can do it yourself. Keeping your home at a good humidity level has many benefits throughout the winter including saving money on heating bills and decreasing your chances of being infected with the flu.

4. Power off the air conditioner– Simply switching from COOL to HEAT on your thermostat will start up the furnace and turn off the A/C, but there is another element to the air conditioner that should be shut off.  Outside, near the condenser unit of the air conditioner, there is a grey electrical box.  You can pull the disconnect and switch it to “off” during the heating season.  This electrical box powers the heat for the condenser unit’s oil, which you will not need during the winter.

5. Do NOT put a cover on the air conditioner– Covering the condenser unit of the air conditioner  can lead to moisture build up, so it is better to keep it uncovered.  In the spring, you can clean off any fallen leaves or debris before starting it back up again.

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