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5 Tricks for Waking Up during the Winter

Is it just me or is waking up during the winter months exponentially harder than during other times of the year?  Maybe because the room always seems so cold in the morning, or the fact that it’s often pitch black outside when the alarm goes off.  Or, perhaps it’s because of the dread of having to walk outside in the cold air at some point.  Whatever the reason is, most mornings my cozy blankets are fighting a very difficult battle with my need to get out of bed.

In order to help myself, and others who may find themselves in a similar situation, I’ve compiled the following ideas.

5 Tricks for Waking Up During the Winter

1. Invest in a programmable thermostat, and use it to help you

It is a wonderful idea to turn the heat down at night.  Not only will it help you to save money, it is also actually better for your sleep quality.  However, that bright idea doesn’t seem so bright come morning when you aren’t cocooned under all of your blankets and sheets.  Program your thermostat to begin warming up the home before your alarm goes off.  That way, it will be a much easier transition out of your bed each morning.

2. Program the coffee maker

If you don’t have a programmable coffee maker, perhaps bribe someone in your household to get your coffee maker going before you wake up.  The sounds and scents of a coffee being brewed are fantastic aids for many in regard to waking up.

3. Take a hot shower

The water will help energize you, and also, it is much easier to face getting out of a warm bed if you know you only need to walk a few feet to get to a hot shower.  You won’t be cold for long!

4. Leave a sweatshirt, robe, or cozy slippers right by the bed

This is one of my favorite things to do.  I often shed layers before getting into bed for the evening, and leave my sweatshirt and slippers right by my bedside.  When I get up, I slip them right back on.  Whether I’m heading straight to the bathroom to get ready, or I’m going to do some work downstairs first, I’m warm and cozy.

5. Reward yourself

Get up earlier than usual?  Maybe this means that you have time to swing by and grab a latte from a coffee shop on the way to work.  Or, you can spend a few minutes catching up on that novel.  Think of an incentive that will help you get out of bed instead of hitting the snooze button.

Do you have any secrets for waking up during the winter?  Let us know!

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