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How to Prevent Heat Related Illnesses without Air Conditioning

Did you know that in the United States, more people have died from heat related illness than from any other weather event?  When the temperatures climb, it is not a laughing matter.  Those most vulnerable to suffering from heat related illnesses include the elderly, infants, and young children.

Keep an eye on weather forecasts and pay attention to local news for heat advisories.  When it is really hot, it is best to avoid being outside for prolonged periods of time.  Stay indoors in a cool, air conditioned space as much as possible.

The problem is, that it isn’t always that easy to do.  Maybe your home is not equipped with a/c, or perhaps your air conditioner broke, or your job or that day’s activities require you to be out of the house. Or, there could even be a power outage.  There are lots of reasons you may be facing a hot day without a/c.  So, how can you stay safe and cool during a heat advisory without an air conditioned home?

How to Prevent Heat Related Illnesses without Air Conditioning

1. Go elsewhere

Find somewhere air conditioned and head there for the day, or at least for a little while.  Check out the new books at the library, do a little window shopping at the mall, or enjoy a cool two hours at the movie theater.  Hey, you could even go on a long grocery shopping trip–spending extra time in the freezer section, of course.

2. Be savvy outside

If you need to be spending a large amount of time outside, be smart about it.  Seek shade whenever possible, stay hydrated, and use water to help cool off (adults can run through sprinklers too!)

Stuck at home?

A home without a/c on a hot, stuffy day can sometimes not feel much better than outdoors.  To help reduce the heat inside, try some of these tips:

  • Close curtains during the day to block the sun’s light from entering
  • Head downstairs to hang out in the basement
  • Avoid using the oven
  • Use fans

Check in with family or neighbors

When the heat index is high, be sure to check on family or neighbors to make sure that they are able to stay cool.

Warning signs to look out for

If you notice yourself feeling dizzy, nauseous, fatigued, or having a headache, you could be suffering from heat exhaustion or heat stroke.  It is important to immediately move indoors to a cool place, and seek help if your symptoms worsen or last longer than an hour.  Learn more about these and other heat related illness here: CDC Warning Signs and Symptoms of Heat Related Illness.

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