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Trust Top Plumbers in Michigan to Solve Persistent Sump Pump Noises

In any home with a basement, a sump pump typically serves as the prime defense against flooding down below. Sump pumps operate at maximum power to churn the floodwater to an outside drain. Yet what if the sump pump keeps on running in the absence of flooding in the basement?

The decision to install a new sump pump or replace an old one is something many Michigan residents will have to make, particularly those who had to endure heavy rainfall and flood alerts this summer. Dundee Village in Monroe County, for example, was at a standstill in late June 2015 when heavy rains caused the River Raisin to spill and flood the entire area for two days. When your sump pump has kept running after a wet episode, you can count on a Michigan plumbing contractor like FLAME Heating, Plumbing, Cooling and Electrical to fix or replace it for you.

Noise Check

The type of noise emitted by the sump pump, along with its associated links, will help determine your contractor’s plan of action.

  • Vibrations – Sump pump discharge pipes tend to vibrate from the water flow and in the process strike the wall or support fairings. This may be true for pipes with any elbow joints. Your plumbing team may tighten the fairings’ grip on the tiles or pad up the pipes with insulation to muffle it.
  • Busted Check Valve – Check valves on the discharge line prevent water from going back up the sump pit. A damaged or malfunctioning check valve, on the other hand, forces the pump to try to discharge it all.


There’s often the possibility that the sump pump kept on running because some of its parts have suffered considerable wear and tear. Industry experts point out that sump pumps often have a service life of between five to seven years. When choosing a replacement unit, your contractor must take into account typical floodwater levels and check whether your house is in a certain kind of flood zone. Based on these factors, your plumbing contractor may, for example, recommend a sump pump that runs at 1/3 horsepower and processes up to 2,200 gallons an hour.

Nobody wants to see their basement sump pump conk out at the height of a flooding incident. Count on competent plumbers in Michigan, like those from FLAME Heating, Plumbing, Cooling and Electrical, for sump pump installation or replacement that gives you added peace of mind.


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