Happy Halloween from Flame

Happy Halloween from all of us at Flame!

Happy Halloween from Flame

We hope there are more treats than tricks, and that the day isn’t too spooky.

If you are going out trick-or-treating tonight remember to follow the following safety precautions:

How to Stay Safe on Halloween

-Stay on sidewalks whenever possible, and look both ways before crossing the street.

-Don’t eat homemade treats from strangers.

-Use a flashlight and only go up to well-lit homes.

-Stay with a group–do not trick-or-treat alone!

-Keep small candies that are potential choking hazards away from young children.

-Stay clear of open flames.

(based on information from CDC:  Halloween Health and Safety Tips)

Are you still looking for a last minute costume?  You can check out some of our ideas here.  Enjoy the evening (and remember to save some candy for your kids).  Happy Halloween!

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