How to Take Care of Your HVAC System

How to Take Care of Your HVAC SystemYour home’s HVAC system is a pretty important part of your home that often only gets remembered when there is a problem.  Let’s face it–condenser units and heat exchangers just aren’t as fun to look at as new window treatments and kitchen countertops.  That said, even though it’s fairly hidden away, your HVAC units should not be neglected.

What can you do to help your heating and cooling system out?  There are two simple steps you can take for routine maintenance:

Routine Maintenance for your HVAC System

  • Annual inspections for both the furnace and the air conditioner
  • Cleaning or changing the filters every 3 months

But, sometimes you need to do more than just routine maintenance.  A recent blog post from the popular interior design blog, The DIY Playbook, describes how we can’t forget about our HVAC system during a home renovation project.

Taking Care of Your HVAC System Before and After a Home Renovation

Blogger, Casey Finn, shares her own experience of a major home renovation and what she did (or wishes she had done) for her HVAC system before and after.


Finn recommends covering all vents prior to beginning the project in order to reduce the amount of dust and debris that can enter them and later be re-circulated throughout your home.


Finn changed her filters and found them to be “FILTHY.”  Even if you just recently changed your HVAC filters, if you are having any type of reno work done on your home, we recommend changing or cleaning the filters after.

Finn also recommended a duct cleaning to clean out any dust and debris from the project, and a maintenance inspection to make sure that after all of the work that things are still operating as they should be.

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