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Our customers have spoken, and we listen! FLAME continues to work to exceed your expectations by adding plumbing services to our residential service offerings.

Whether your home plumbing requires routine maintenance or you are experiencing a plumbing emergency, FLAME can handle all of your residential plumbing needs. FLAME’s expert-level, courteous Master Plumbers and Journeymen Plumbers provide prompt, fast service. As always, FLAME offers our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our plumbing work.



Backflow is the term for when contaminated water mixes with your tap water. This means a reversal of flow of a liquid, gas or suspended solid into the clean water supply that runs into your home. Scary, right? Even though backflow has many causes, the technicians at FLAME are experts at implementing backflow prevention.

It all starts with testing the backflow prevention device in your home. In fact, many cities, municipalities, and states require this testing this on a yearly basis. Problems with backflow devices are uncommon, but they do happen. And if this happens, it’s a very serious plumbing emergency.



A backflow preventer is installed in your pipeline to help prevent backflow from occurring. A trained Master Plumber or Journeyman Plumber from FLAME is will handle your Backflow Preventer Installation. This is installation is necesasry to ensure that your tap water does not become contaminated.


Oftentimes, bathtubs are installed in your home during its original construction, and they can last for a long time. Eventually, you will be in need of service on your bathroom plumbing, or you will be looking to remodel your dated bathroom.

Whether you’re in need of a bathtub repair or installing a new bathtub, let the plumbing experts at FLAME handle everything for you.

FLAME offers professional bathtub plumbing services, including bathtub repair and new bathtub installation, so that you can avoid wasting time and money with an improper installation or removal.


FLAME offers plumbing and professional bathtub repair and maintenance services, so that you can avoid a costly installation and removal.

Signs That You Need Bathtub Repair:
  • If your bathtub has gotten old or unsightly, it might be time to have it refinished.
  • If you have any drainage or leakage problems in your bathtub plumbing.
  • If you have cracks in your tub enclosure.


At FLAME Heating & Cooling, we understand that sometimes plumbing repairs won’t cut it any more. If you’ve had bathtub repairs in the past and are still ready for that new bathtub, contact FLAME. Our expert technicians are here to help you with your next bathtub installation.

Whether you’re looking to remodel your entire bathroom, or you just need a new bathtub, contact us, and we can handle all of your bathtub plumbing installation needs.



Faucet leaks and malfunctions are often unexpected and can be very frustrating. That’s why FLAME now offers our Michigan customers full-service faucet plumbing services, including both faucet repair and faucet installation for your home.



Our job is to fix your problem, and FLAME always strives to leave you knowing that the job was done right by a Master Plumber or Journeyman Plumber you can trust.

Faucet repair services can include:
  • Plumbing fixture replacement
  • Drain repair
  • Leak repair and prevention, and more


Whether you are redoing your bathroom or simply replacing an out of date faucet, FLAME is one of the top providers of faucet installation services in Michigan. FLAME technicians are expert plumbers, and we provide prompt installations with expert craftsmanship.

All of our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. FLAME is the winner of the 2015 Channel 4 “Vote 4 The Best” Award for our Plumbing service.



Garbage disposals have become an essential part of every home kitchen. Yet we don’t often think of garbage disposal plumbing until it’s too late. Electrical problems can occur, the flywheel can become stuck, leaks arise in a variety of places, and slow drainage can cause your sink to back up. FLAME now offers full-service garbage disposal plumbing, repairs, and installations.



With frequent use, a garbage disposal may start experiencing problems, hindering its performance. This isn’t necessarily a sign that the garbage disposal needs to be replaced. Sometimes the issue can be remedied with a simple repair. The plumbers at FLAME Heating & Cooling offer comprehensive garbage disposal repair services that you can count on.



Having a new garbage disposal installed under your kitchen sink can provide ultimate convenience for disposing of food waste. As your garbage disposal ages, a litany of plumbing problems can occur. Clogs can cause your sink to back up, electrical issues flare up, and other plumbing problems may occur. The professional plumbers at FLAME Heating & Cooling can fully handle your garbage disposal installation from start to finish.

Some homeowners choose to install their new garbage disposals by themselves. But installing a brand new unit may not be easy for everyone. That’s why FLAME is your #1 source in Michigan for garbage disposal installation.



The gas line is an essential part of your home’s infrastructure. Without it, you could be without hot water, appliances, heating or cooling, and many other essential systems that power your home. Problems with a gas line can be serious and sometimes dangerous. When you come across a gas line problem, contact FLAME Heating & Cooling. FLAME professional plumbers provide gas line installation and gas line repair services.



If you need gas line repair services, don’t wait. Call the experts at FLAME Heating & Cooling.

Gas line repairs can include:
  • Gas leak detection and prevention
  • Carbon Monoxide leak detection
  • Fittings repairs
  • Vent and flue replacement

Remember, gas line repairs are best performed by a professional to ensure the safety of you and your family.



When it comes to gas line installation, play it safe, and contact the experts at FLAME. Natural gas is a highly efficient option for heating, cooling, and electricity generation. However, movement of this natural gas into and around your home can come with some major safety concerns, as gas leaks can lead to incidental combustion. Although these instances occur only a few times a year, it is important to have your gas line installation handled by a professional. FLAME has natural gas technicians near you, ready to handle all your residential gas line needs.



Concrete and fiberglass laundry tubs are useful for handling messy jobs, but their surfaces and drains take a beating over the years and can suffer from clogs and erosion.

FLAME Heating & Cooling professional plumbers are trained to perform all laundry tub plumbing services, including installations and repairs drain repair, sewer drain cleaning, and backflow prevention.



Laundry tub surfaces and drains can clog and erode over time. If you are experiencing any of these problems, you may not need a new laundry tub installed, but you may need laundry tub repair services. The expert plumbers at FLAME will be able to extend the life of your laundry tub by repairing any clogs, erosion, or other issue you may be experiencing.



Laundry tubs are a useful and necessary thing to have in every home. But the wear and tear from frequent use can cause these tubs to become corroded and ultimately useless. In some cases, old laundry tubs can cause damage to your home. When it’s time for a new laundry tub, contact the laundry tub installation experts at FLAME Heating & Cooling. Our skilled technicians will be able to install your new laundry tub in no time.



Whether you need new plumbing fixtures or repairs to existing ones, the experts at FLAME are here to help.

Plumbing fixtures are an important part of any home. At FLAME Heating & Cooling, we now provide plumbing fixture replacements and plumbing fixture repairs. Our certified plumbers will not only replace or repair your plumbing fixtures, they will take the time to make sure the job is done right and you are completely satisfied.



When it’s time for a plumbing fixture repair, contact FLAME. We know it can be an extremely frustrating experience when your fixtures need to be repaired. Whether it’s a crack or a leak, any problem with a fixture needs to be fixed in a timely fashion.



FLAME Heating & Cooling now offers comprehensive plumbing services, including plumbing fixture replacements. Old or malfunctioning fixtures can create significant damage in a home. And, if they are not replaced correctly, it can lead to even more damage. At FLAME, we guarantee that our plumbers will be able to replace your fixtures in a timely fashion, while ensuring you won’t need to call us back for any future issues. So whether you are remodeling your home or your old fixture no longer works, our plumbers will be able to get the job done.



Scheduling a semi-regular plumbing inspection can help keep maintenance costs for your home plumbing low. Ignoring plumbing problems can lead to tremendous damage in your home, which can ultimately lead to a lot of money spent on repairs or installing new plumbing. To avoid these issues, contact a certified plumber at FLAME Heating & Cooling and schedule a plumbing inspection.

FLAME’s expertly trained, professional plumbers are skilled at catching any plumbing problems that can arise within your home. By scheduling a plumbing inspection with FLAME, we can assure that all of the plumbing in your home is running efficiently, so that you can avoid costly repairs or installing new plumbing systems.



FLAME technicians are trained to perform a full range of plumbing preventative maintenance services for Michigan homes. A number of things can go wrong in your home’s plumbing — major or minor leaks, clogs, and backflow can occur at any time. Scheduling plumbing preventative maintenance with a FLAME plumber can help to prevent all of that. Whether it’s cleaning, testing, or minor repairs and replacements, a maintenance exam can leave you with peace of mind and keep all the parts of your home’s plumbing system in good condition.

Plumbing preventative maintenance services we perform can include:
  • Drain clearing and maintenance
  • Clog removal
  • Main sewer line testing
  • Testing fixtures for leaks
  • Leak sealing and prevention
  • Cleaning aerators


Plumbing is not something you want to disrupt if you don’t have to when remodeling your home, but, if you do, it is best to consult with a professional. FLAME Heating & Cooling offers a full range of plumbing remodeling and renovation services to Michigan homeowners.

We can also help you replace or remove plumbing fixtures in your home or run any new piping that may be needed. Even if you damage plumbing, a toilet, sink, or shower in your home during a renovation, FLAME will be there to help you get it back to running order.


The expert plumbers at FLAME are available to help with any copper water pipe repair. Copper water piping is by far the most tried and true solution for new and old homes. If you don’t have copper plumbing in your home, it is recommended that you make the switch because it provides a much more durable way to move water through your home. Though, like anything else, these pipes will sometimes need maintenance and repairs, and that’s where we come in.

FLAME technicians are trained to repipe your home or to carefully perform copper piping replacements or copper water pipe repairs.



Your home’s sewer drain is an essential part of your home’s plumbing. The sewer drain ensures that waste is moved out of the home and that your home is not contaminated by harmful waste. Sometimes sewer drains can become clogged or backed up.  If this happens in your home, it could cause extensive damage, and you could be facing expensive home repairs or plumbing remodeling.

The certified plumbers at FLAME provide comprehensive sewer drain services. We are able to unclog drains and spot the beginnings of clogs or back ups, stopping them before they cause any real damage.



One of the most important plumbing maintenance services you can have performed on your home is a sewer drain cleaning. Sewer backup can cause flooding in your sewer drain that can be detrimental to a home, and drain damage could occur, leading to a costly repair. The certified plumbers at FLAME Heating & Cooling offer sewer drain cleaning services that can save you from the harm that a major backup or clog can cause.

Main sewer line backup warning signs:
  • Water backing up out of drains or toilets
  • Gurgling sounds coming from your drain or toilet
  • Water around the floor drain

If you have any reason to believe that there may be a clog in your home’s main sewer line, give FLAME a call. FLAME expert plumbers can help you determine if the clog has occurred in a secondary drainage pipe or if it has occurred in the main line.



Keeping your sewer drain in good condition is an important part of making sure that your entire plumbing system runs efficiently. If you haven’t had a sewer drain cleaning recently, unchecked backups or clogs will cause damage to your home’s plumbing system. When this occurs, a drain repair is likely needed. If you need sewer drain repair services, don’t wait. Contact the certified plumbers at FLAME Heating & Cooling.

Our plumbers will pinpoint exactly where repairs need to be made and can perform them quickly, ensuring that your plumbing system is up and running in no time.



Kitchen and bathroom sinks get heavy use, so clogs and surface problems can arise. Whether you need a new sink installation or a sink repair, the pro plumbers at FLAME are available to fix any possible problem you are experiencing with your sink plumbing.



Problems with sink plumbing can occur any time, whether your sink is years old or brand new. The certified plumbers at FLAME Heating & Cooling are always available to perform any necessary sink repair services.

Sink repairs we perform:
  • Sink drain cleaning and replacements
  • Resurfacing
  • Basket strainer fixture replacement
  • Faucet and knob replacement
  • Clog removal



Because you and your family rely on your kitchen and bathroom sinks so heavily, you can’t afford to risk an improper sink installation. Whether you are remodeling your entire bathroom or kitchen, or you’re simply in the market for a new sink, let FLAME handle all of your plumbing installation needs. FLAME Master Plumbers and Journeyman Plumbers are responsible for properly placing the fixture, and we work to provide you the peace of mind that the job is done right.



If your home has a basement or is in an area that is at risk of frequent rain and potential flooding, it is important that your sump pump plumbing system is ready for any issue that may arise. Even if your home is not at risk of flooding, a working sump pump plumbing system can keep your basement from becoming damp, keeping your storage and belongings dry, and the air clearer.



Breaks in a sump pump plumbing system can occur suddenly or after years of use. Either way, if your sump pump isn’t working properly, you may need to take advantage of FLAME’s sump pump repair services. The last thing you need is to discover your sump pump is malfunctioning at the wrong time. Contact a certified FLAME Heating & Cooling expert plumber, and learn more about our sump pump repair services.



Sump pump plumbing is an essential unit for any home that has a basement or a risk of flooding. If your home isn’t already equipped with one, you will need a sump pump installed. The pumps themselves may be fairly straightforward to install, but, if you have to break ground to install them, it’s best to trust the professionals at FLAME. FLAME Master Plumbers and Journeyman Plumbers are well-versed in all aspects of sump pump installation for Michigan homes. Not only will we install the unit and all the piping needed for drainage, but FLAME will also give you the peace of mind that the job was done right, every time.



When the toilet plumbing in your Michigan home malfunctions, it can be a major inconvenience and disrupt daily life in your household. And because toilets are used so frequently, failures and leaks are not uncommon. If these problems go unnoticed or ignored, the result can be major damages to your plumbing, fixtures, or home. Michigan residents can count on FLAME only use high-quality OEM replacement parts.



Putting off a toilet repair can result in damages to your entire toilet plumbing system and your home. When a toilet problem occurs, don’t try to fix the problem yourself. Contact the toilet installation and repair experts at FLAME Heating & Cooling.

FLAME toilet repair services can include:
  • Clog removal
  • Leak repair
  • Drain cleaning
  • Toilet fill valve replacement
  • Flapper replacement
  • Gasket replacement
  • Toilet seat replacement
  • Recaulking, and more


Whether you are remodeling your home, building a new one, or you are simply in the market for a new toilet, it is important to ensure that your toilet installation goes smoothly. Some Michigan homeowners will try toilet installation by themselves — This can often lead to improper installation or damages to the toilet, requiring you to call a toilet repair technician.

At FLAME, we make sure your toilet is level, leak free, and sits correctly on the main drainage pipe. Keep your mind at ease, and trust the Master Plumbers and Journeyman Plumbers at FLAME to correctly install the toilets in your home.



Having a reliable water heater is something most homeowners take for granted — until it stops working properly. If this dreadful experience happens to you, don’t panic. Call the water heater experts at FLAME Heating & Cooling. FLAME knows that an essential appliance, like a hot water heater, cannot be out of commission for long. FLAME tries to see our customers in 24 hours and back our work with a 100% guarantee. Our certified plumbers will be able to get your water heater working properly in no time.


If you believe that your water heater isn’t working properly, contact FLAME Heating & Cooling. FLAME can help you determine if you’ll need water heater replacement services, or if a simple repair will do the trick.

Signs your water heater needs repairs:
  • Water leaking around the tank: If noticed, this situation should be inspected immediately, before more significant problems arise
  • A bad odor in the basement or utility room (it might be time for a new anode rod)
  • Lukewarm, dirty, or odorous water



FLAME is a one-stop shop for all of your water heater replacement needs. When your hot water heater suffers a permanent failure, and a water heater repair won’t cut it, FLAME can replace it with a high quality, energy-efficient one.

If you are ready for a water heater replacement, consider a tankless water heater. The models available offer the ultimate in control and efficiency, hot water on demand, and they do not require wasteful heating of water when not in use.

There’s More:
FLAME is pleased to announce that all tank water heater installations will now be covered by an industry-leading, full 10-year warranty, covering parts, labor, and the tank. If your water tank fails during the first 10 years after the installation, all parts, labor, and, if necessary, even complete tank replacement will be covered in full. Just another reason to purchase your water heater from FLAME.



According to your city or town’s water billing ordinance, you may need to install a water meter on your home’s main water line to measure your usage. This device can work to your advantage if flat rate prices were not an accurate assessment of your water usage. This water meter needs to be installed correctly to ensure it’s working correctly. If your meter is faulty or installed incorrectly, this can lead to you paying for water you never used. If you suspect that you need a new meter, contact the water meter installation experts at FLAME Heating & Cooling. FLAME certified technicians will install your new water meter in no time, ensuring that you don’t experience any service interruptions.



Michigan homes with basements need to have some sort of electric sump pump installed. However, electric sump pumps are still subject to failure and require maintenance and repairs. To ensure that your basement doesn’t flood, FLAME Heating & Cooling offers water-powered backup sump pump plumbing services. Backup sump pumps are an efficient backup solution for any home basement with an electric sump pump. FLAME is your source for any type of water powered backup sump pump installations or water powered backup sump pump repairs.



Water powered backup sump pumps are an efficient backup solution for any home basement with an electric sump pump; however, they are still subject to backups and require maintenance and repairs. Contact FLAME, and we can have one of our certified plumbers come out to your house to perform the repairs or determine if you need to have a new water powered backup sum pump installed.

Water powered backup sump pump repair services can include:
  • Main water line checks
  • Backflow valve replacement
  • Piping repairs and replacements, and more



For Michigan homes at risk of basement floods, an electric sump pump may not be enough. Afterall, what happens if a storm rolls in and knocks the power out? Have a water-powered backup pump installed today, and you’ll never have to worry about power outages because these units rarely fail and require almost no maintenance.

Although they provide a simple solution, they may not be easy to install in your home. That’s why FLAME offers a wide range of plumbing services, including water powered backup pump installations.


Why trust FLAME? Because we do high quality work, use only top quality parts, and backup all of our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For reliable plumbing, trust FLAME, the plumbing pros of Michigan.
Michigan residents trust the red FLAME truck. Call FLAME, your Southeast Michigan plumbing professionals, today at (888) 234-2340, or contact us online to learn more.

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