Warmer Weather is Coming and We Are All Excited About It

Did you realize, that during the first half of April in Southeastern Michigan the temperatures were colder than they were in Anchorage, Alaska? Yep. We have had it colder in Metro Detroit than a city that is classified as having a sub arctic climate. Kids did Easter egg hunts in snow boots and spring breaks were spent shoveling driveways. We’ve had a rough start to spring here in the Midwest. Thankfully, things are about to take a turn for the better with warmer weather in the forecast.

The Weather Channel states:
“Overall, there are indications that milder conditions are in store for much of the northern Plains, Midwest and Northeast as April comes to an end and May begins.”

I think we can all get on board with some milder conditions after waking up to snow more days in April than we can count. With warmer weather on the horizon it means we can finally put away our down coats and heavy sweaters and pull out the bin of lighter clothing from the basement.

The Weather Channel goes on to explain that as the days go on, precipitation is more and more likely to come in the form of rain, rather than snow.

A positive forecast such as this means it is time to think about getting our homes ready for spring and summer. It was hard to even consider an air conditioner inspection with ice covering the trees and roads, but now is the time to schedule one. Also, remember to change or clean your furnace filter.
Knowing the unpredictability of Michigan weather, a 90 degree day may not actually be that far away, and you want your home and air conditioner to be ready.

Are you as pumped as we are about the upcoming warmer weather? Contact Flame to learn more about getting your home ready.

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