When Should I Turn My Air Conditioner On?

When should I turn my air conditioner on?

The slightest hint of spring in Michigan means that yards and sidewalks are filled with people outside, winter jackets are shed, and you can even spot some people sporting flip flops in 55 degree weather.

The problem is, spring in Michigan can be a finicky thing–with warm, seasonal temperatures one day and a winter blast the next.  This can make things pretty tricky when it comes to keeping your home comfortable.  As the temperatures rise, you may find yourself wondering, when should I turn my air conditioner on?  We are here to help you answer that question.

When Should I Turn My Air Conditioner On?

First of all, the answer for this will vary for each individual and family.  Some people like to wait until the sweltering 90 degree days before switching to cool, while others flip the switch at 75 degrees.  This is up to your comfort level.

That said, we recommend waiting until there are at least two days of warm weather before turning on the air conditioner.  We say this because two days will allow the oil in the compressor to loosen up enough in order to operate well.  If the forecast is showing an 80 degree day in March followed by a 50 degree day, hold off on turning the a/c, otherwise you could do damage to the compressor.

What Do I Need to Do in Order to Turn My Air Conditioner On?

Here a few of our recommendations for preparing for turning your a/c on:

  • When switching from heating to cooling, wait a few minutes between turning one off and the other one on.  This will ensure that the circuit board does not fry.
  • Gently spray the outside condenser unit with a hose to get rid of any branches or leaves that may have accumulated throughout the fall and winter
  • If you have a humidifier, switch it to “summer” mode, or turn it to 0%.

We strongly recommend a thorough air conditioner inspection each year.  However, you do not need to have this inspection completed before turning on the air conditioner.

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