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How to test a sump pump

The primary function of your sump pump is to protect your home from potential water damage caused by floods. In addition to this important purpose, a sump pump can also remove any of the moisture and condensation that ends up near your air conditioner so that it doesn’t end up near your home’s foundation or on your basement floor. Although the functions of the sump pump are very important, we don’t often see it in action (unless you get a lot of floods). That’s why you should test your sump pump from time to time to make sure it is still working properly. When it does come time for the sump pump to step up, you want to be sure that it can do its job.

How to test a sump pump:

  1. Check the outside pipe that catches water draining from the pump for any dirt or debris
  2. If there is any dirt or debris clean it off
  3. Go to where your sump pump is located
  4. Find the two electrical cords coming from the sump pump and unplug them both
  5. Plug back in just the cord for the sump pump, this is the cord that traces back to the float cord plug
  6. Listen for the sump pump turning on, if it doesn’t turn it may be broken
  7. Make sure both plugs are plugged back in how you originally found them
  8. The second test is done by pouring water in to make sure it functions correctly
  9. To do this test, open the cover over the sump pump and pour some water in
  10. Make sure the pump turns on and removes the water

If your sump pump does not pass these tests make sure to call a plumber from FLAME Heating and Cooling at (888) 234-2340 and they can help you determine the cause of your problem and fix it.

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